Shed Some Darkness on the Problem: The Issue of Light

Hello active readers of the ESS Blog! As this week’s guest blogger, I will be tackling the issue of pollution–but not just any kind of pollution. As we know, pollution comes in many shapes and sizes; it may come as a surprise that light –yes, light– is becoming an ever-increasing problem. Our world is constantly lit up. Street lights illuminate

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It’s time to dig in to our new unit: SOILS

Here are wonderful websites to help you generate global context for the current status of the pedosphere:

Wildlife Biology at Autumn Creek

On a gorgeous, sunny Tuesday in September, wildlife biology students participated in Glacier National Park’s citizen science program by completing goat and bighorn sheep ground surveys near Marias Pass. While no goats were observed, students did an excellent job locating several bighorn sheep. Can you find the ram in this spotting scope photo?