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The value of water

Please read this article for interesting developments in the value of this natural resource. Washington state takes bold step to restrict companies from bottling local water Did you notice that what Montana is doing has had a world-wide impact? Thank you to all the Flathead Valley residents who have worked so hard to protect our water!

Wildlife Biology at Autumn Creek

On a gorgeous, sunny Tuesday in September, wildlife biology students participated in Glacier National Park’s citizen science program by completing goat and bighorn sheep ground surveys near Marias Pass. While no goats were observed, students did an excellent job locating several bighorn sheep. Can you find the ram in this spotting scope photo?    

New Website Is Now Live!

Welcome to the new (and improved) I’m planning big things for the upcoming year, and providing new and fresh ESS and Bio content is one of those changes. As with any new site move, links and text may be broken, so please let me know if you spot any issues!