Welcome to E.S.S. 2!

ESS 2 is an exciting continuation of the exploration of environmental processes through active involvement in laboratory experiments, primary literature research, textbooks, videos, and field studies.

Students will discover connections between all organisms and their environment. Major topics to be covered are: global climate change, soil and food production, population dynamics, natural capital, pollution management, history of ecology, oceans, and environmental value systems. In addition, all topics from ESS 1 will be reviewed throughout the year to prepare for the IB exams in May. This course will be taught using an inquiry approach in which students become involved in the scientific process and ultimately plan and carry out original, independent scientific research.

ESS 2 will also examine ethics and ethical analysis, decision making in today’s controversial world, and the relationship between science and management.

Students may choose to take the IB exam in May. All class activities are designed to prepare students for the successful completion of their internal and external assessments. Internal assessments will receive both an FHS grade and a separate grade from IB.

Why Take ESS2?

ESS2 Syllabus

view of earth from space

Click here to access this year's syllabus. You will receive a hard copy in class. Please have the last page signed and returned to Ms. Cordes by Sept. 10.

Ecology Field Camp

Delicate Arch, Arches National Park, Utah

This year's Ecology Camp will be in Arches National Park, Fall, 2021.

Check out these videos to see previous science adventures:

Oregon Coast 2014
Arches 2013

IB Program Information

Flathead High School IB logo

Looking for topic guides, course goals, guide words, and terms-to-know list? Click here!

Planned Field Studies

Students examining river water samples

  • Glacier Park field trip --- Sept. 21-22, 2019
  • Soil Investigation --- October 2019
  • Ocean ecosystem field study --- April 2-6, 2020

Citizen Science

Spotting for mountain goats in Glacier National Park

Opportunities to assist with current research projects in Glacier National Park.

Check out this website for more details

Semester 2 Extra Credit

Journal and periodical covers

Read more deeply into an ESS topic and share what you've learned in a blog post. Here's the link to the assignment details!

Would you rather present to the class? If so, investigate a primary research article and share what you've learned. Here's the link to the assignment details!